Mobile assistant for construction supervision

Mastodont system offers its users the option of inscription and photographic record of the project documentation on-site solutions.

The program is intended to on-site supervision, project managers, site managers, planners and investors. The aim is to facilitate a more precise monitoring and recording of so called incidents for all the participants of construction.

Mastodont system was developed in direct communication with the engineering supervision, designers, suppliers and investors. In consultations with all parties, it was found that the record of the incident (place where design documentation is infringed, technological process, the error in the project, etc.) is in most cases difficult to be drawn down correctly because of time reasons, ie. define the position in the project documentation, to photograph, describe, distribute to participants. All this is time consuming and leads to the inappropriate description of the damaged place, the damage isn´t repaired, it is repaired poorly or the place is being looked for.

Mastodont system solves everything you need for you on the spot. You do not have to take the work out of the building to the office. All interested parties have fast and accurate information immediately.


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Creating a new project and management of multiple projects      
Creating an unlimited number of contacts      
Loading of drawing documentation      
Evidence and recording of incidents      
Sending incidents via email      
backup / restore data using the cloud      

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